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Get your gas detection device in order regardless of the brand

Gas detection devices protect the company and its operating environment in many ways. They prevent the risk of explosion, guarantee a safe working environment for personnel, and create financial security. Regularly maintained gas detection devices also protect the wider environment and have a strong environmental impact. Properly functioning gas detection devices give an alarm when the gas concentration exceeds the limits set for the alarm or if a sudden gas leak occurs.

To operate reliably, gas detection devices require regular maintenance and service. During maintenance, the gas detection system is inspected, calibrated with certified test gases, and worn parts are replaced. As part of the complete system, the follow-up controls of the alarms are also investigated and, if possible, their functionality is tested.

In addition to our own products, Detector Ltd’s best experts in the field maintain gas monitoring equipment comprehensively and brand-independently. Even if you have equipment from several different suppliers, you can order maintenance service from Detector Oy without any worries – the service is always cost-effective and flexible. With our extensive cooperation network throughout Finland, we provide fast and comprehensive maintenance services.

 Carerfree safety – Detector Ltd’s brand-independent maintenance service!

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Maintenance Engineer

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Maintenance Specialist

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Maintenance Specialist

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