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Functional gas detection is an absolute requirement wherever there is a need for it. Equipment and application maintenance demands specialised expertise. Our lifecycle service guarantees a reliable, cost-effective entity for the management of gas detection.

All site gas detection equipment can be included in the lifecycle service. The function and maintenance of equipment are ensured throughout its lifecycle. Transactions are seamless and easy thanks to a specially designated site contact person, who ensures the functionality of the service and maintains regular contact throughout the agreement period. View the lifecycle service brochure here.

Our turnkey lifecycle service offers the following:

  • The function and maintenance of equipment are ensured throughout its lifecycle
  • Functional equipment that is always up-to-date
  • An assurance that everything will work flawlessly throughout the lifecycle
  • Anticipatory budgeting far into the future
  • The ability to focus on growing your own business while professionals handle your gas detection needs

Oy Aga Ab

Time savings and cost benefits with the lifecycle service

Linde Group subsidiary Oy Aga Ab is one of the leading industrial gas companies in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Oy Aga Ab also produces and sells various gases to both consumers and industry. Oy Aga Ab is making use of the Detector’s Lifecycle Service, in which Detector is responsible for the gas detection system as a whole for its entire lifecycle on a turnkey basis. Oy Aga Ab feels that Detector has more than met their needs. Detector takes care of the scheduling and it’s also been easy to contact the assigned contact between maintenance visits.

Thanks to the integration of equipment and regular maintenance visits, our employees are able to save time and focus on their own core areas of expertise, thus saving us tens of thousands of work hours every year. Because we know in advance how much time and money will be needed for annual maintenance, it makes drafting our maintenance budget easy.

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