About us

Detector Oy is the leading Nordic gas detection company. We develop and provide reliable gas detection solutions for various facilities and ensuring personnel safety. We are the only operator in the industry that has been granted the right to use the Key Flag Symbol for both its products and services. The Key Flag Symbol is an assurance that products are manufactured in Finland and that services originate and provide employment in Finland. In addition we have been certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality systems.

High-quality and regularly maintained gas detectors ensure a safe operating environment, which is particularly important in the detection of toxic, explosive and asphyxiant gases. We are the only Finnish gas detection company, who manufactures gas detectors that have been ATEX-certified for explosive atmospheres.

In addition to Finland, we have dealers and partners in Sweden, Iceland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai.

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Vision and strategy

Our mission at Detector is to make your environment safe and provide carefree safety. We believe that the best solutions and results come from cooperation.

Environment and quality policy

Detector Oy is a reliable partner in all situations.

We are honoured to provide the best possible, certified sustainability products and comprehensive maintenance service throughout the product lifecycle.

Our history


From a duplex unit to USSR’s export boom

Detector Oy was founded in 1981. The company’s first location was a rented, two-room duplex unit in Turku, where the two-person staff began the manufacture of analog gas detector technologies and laboratory ovens. The products were literally manufactured by hand, manually building circuit boards and drafting equipment plans.

In 1986, the company purchased a computer and installed a CAD program on it, which marked a major advance in operations, as the drafting work that previously took days could now be dine in a few hours on the computer.

The end of the decade was a time of major changes. In 1988 the company moved to a new facility and in 1989 one of the founders retired and Detector Oy became a family-owned company. 1989 also saw the beginning of export deliveries to the Soviet Union, which increased trade significantly.


Trade and a dropoff in business

The 1990s began with promise, with exports being shipped east and work being done around the clock. It became necessary to hire a maintenance manager at the turn of the decade because the equipment sold in the 1980s were beginning to age and there was demand for a systematic maintenance service.

The collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in a dropoff in business for a few years, until the company was able to participate in major investments and enjoy another period of growth. The product range was expanded when the company began producing its own gas analysers and moved once again to a new facility.


IR communicator on green background

Development of products and production

In the 2000s, the company transitioned from analog to digital technologies, outsourcing some of its operations in order to focus on its core areas of expertise. This marked the end of, for example, building circuit boards by hand, focusing instead on product design, testing, certification and final assembly. The company’s products were now modular, scalable and internationally competitive.

In 2006, the company’s own ATEX-approved gas detectors were launched. That same year, the company purchased its own facility in Turku and, after renovation work was completed, moved in at the beginning of 2007. In 2008, the company established its ISO 9001 quality management system.

Maintenance and service functions kept the company in the black when the financial crisis in the United States slowed down the global economy in 2008 and reduced new business investments.


Working together to achieve better results

The 2010s have brought their fair share of changes, and operations have undergone significant development.

Customers began to express their wishes for local service and, as a result, an ambitious effort to develop the partner network was launched. The partner network made its first appearance when a network partner started operating in the Lahti area in 2015.

Detector was voted the Company of the Year in Turku in 2015. Company expertise was further expanded with the establishment of administrative and development functions. In 2018, Detector Oy’s management base was expanded and management work was enhanced, thus resulting in the new vision and strategy.

In 2019, the company’s latest product release, Varia, was granted the Design from Finland mark. The mark is a testament to Varia’s user-oriented design, which is one of the cornerstones of our operations.

Both products and services are provided in co-operation with our customers, and our objective is to continue providing the best possible result long into the future!