Over the decades, we have helped thousands of businesses to ensure the safety of their facilities and the people who work there with up-to-date and reliable gas monitoring systems. Our long experience and expertise ensure that properly maintained gas monitoring equipment meets your needs and requirements and is operational throughout its life cycle. Here are some of our client companies’ experiences of working with us.

Metsä Fibre | Kemi bioproduct mill

Detector Ltd and Metsä Fibre, which are part of the Metsä Group, have entered into an agreement to deliver indoor gas detectors to the Kemi bioproduct mill. Varia gas detectors, which were developed by Detector and which have also received the prestigious Design from Finland mark, will safeguard the personal safety of the mill employees. When completed, Metsä Group’s Kemi bioproduct mill will be the most efficient wood processing plant in the northern hemisphere. The environmentally, energy and materially efficient mill will operate completely without fossil fuels.  

We want to partner with experts, who are the best in their field, and we require our partners both to provide the most technically sound solutions and to be familiar with our production. Safety and its proactive safeguarding are most important to us. Detector Ltd meets all these requirements, (Jari-Pekka Johansson, Project Director, Kemi bioproduct mill/ Metsä Fibre.)

Tampereen sähkölaitos

Detector equipment maintenance is easy

Owned by the City of Tampere, Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy is a power company that produces and sells electricity, district heating and district cooling for private and public customers primarily in the Pirkanmaa region. In such a large power plant, reliable gas detection is crucial, as it constitutes part of the facility fire and rescue plan, thus providing a solid foundation for protecting against personal injury and property damage. In addition to this, reliable and properly placed gas detection can locate faults in equipment involving the use of gases. When Tampereen sähkölaitos was exploring options to replace their gas detection equipment, they were looking for something that would be easy to connect to the main automation system and would be easy to calibrate and maintain. The equipment supplied by Detector Ltd. met the requirements exceedingly well.
Voimalaitoksen työntekijä kiipeää tikkaita

It is vital for a large power company like Tampereen Sähkölaitos to receive assistance from our equipment suppliers quickly and seamlessly. Our co-operation with Detector Ltd. has been smooth and trouble-free.