Over the decades, we have helped thousands of businesses to ensure the safety of their facilities and the people who work there with up-to-date and reliable gas monitoring systems. Our long experience and expertise ensure that properly maintained gas monitoring equipment meets your needs and requirements and is operational throughout its life cycle. Here are some of our client companies’ experiences of working with us.

Are Oy | Louhi Parking garage

Functional gas detection minimises energy consumption

In the deep, underground cavern of Turku’s Louhi parking garage, there are 52 measurement points where Detector sensors have been measuring gas concentrations for years. The gas detectors are connected to the ventilation system, which automatically increases ventilation when carbon monoxide levels rise too high. In addition to this, the gas detection equipment is linked to the alarm phone of the supervisor.
Parking garage

The gas detection system has worked well the whole time. We make double-sure the system stays operational by having Detector service it once every year. In addition to this, the wear parts are replaced with new ones every five years.

Tampereen sähkölaitos

Detector equipment maintenance is easy

Owned by the City of Tampere, Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy is a power company that produces and sells electricity, district heating and district cooling for private and public customers primarily in the Pirkanmaa region. In such a large power plant, reliable gas detection is crucial, as it constitutes part of the facility fire and rescue plan, thus providing a solid foundation for protecting against personal injury and property damage. In addition to this, reliable and properly placed gas detection can locate faults in equipment involving the use of gases. When Tampereen sähkölaitos was exploring options to replace their gas detection equipment, they were looking for something that would be easy to connect to the main automation system and would be easy to calibrate and maintain. The equipment supplied by Detector Ltd. met the requirements exceedingly well.
Voimalaitoksen työntekijä kiipeää tikkaita

It is vital for a large power company like Tampereen Sähkölaitos to receive assistance from our equipment suppliers quickly and seamlessly. Our co-operation with Detector Ltd. has been smooth and trouble-free.

Oy Aga Ab

Time savings and cost benefits with the lifecycle service

Linde Group subsidiary Oy Aga Ab is one of the leading industrial gas companies in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Oy Aga Ab also produces and sells various gases to both consumers and industry. Oy Aga Ab is making use of the Detector’s Lifecycle Service, in which Detector is responsible for the gas detection system as a whole for its entire lifecycle on a turnkey basis. Oy Aga Ab feels that Detector has more than met their needs. Detector takes care of the scheduling and it’s also been easy to contact the assigned contact between maintenance visits.

Thanks to the integration of equipment and regular maintenance visits, our employees are able to save time and focus on their own core areas of expertise, thus saving us tens of thousands of work hours every year. Because we know in advance how much time and money will be needed for annual maintenance, it makes drafting our maintenance budget easy.