Viisi ihmistä työpöydän ääressä

A service designer complements Detector’s multidisciplinary team

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Detector. We want to maintain and develop high-level customer service by investing in service design. From the beginning of January, Detector’s multidisciplinary organization was supplemented with new expertise.

Galit Mannerström is a service designer and the newest member of Detector’s marketing team. She is experienced in service design, user-centric design methods, and process development.

Read more about Galit’s thoughts on service design:

What does a service designer do?
A service designer designs and develops services using methods developed in design. The starting point in service design is to increase customer understanding. The main goal is to understand the customer’s challenges, problems, and needs. A strong customer perspective ensures that the developed services meet customers’ needs and wishes, thus improving the service experience and customer relationship. The goal of service design is to design and develop services from both the customer’s and the business’s point of view.

What do you think is important in your work as a service designer?
The essential thing in service design and design, in general, is user-orientation and providing the right added value. For me, creativity means creating new operating models, not contenting with existing solutions. Therefore, it is important that the service or product can be reshaped if it does not work as desired.

What makes you excited about your job?
I get easily excited about new things. I observe my own behavior in my daily life and try to find new practical needs. I believe that good design is based on questionable but open-minded thinking. I get the best feeling when I hear good feedback from a user of a new product or service. Then I know I did something great, something that adds value to this world.