Maintenance of gas monitoring equipment: What – why and how often?

Why is the maintenance of gas monitoring equipment important?

To ensure a safe operating environment, continuously measuring gas detectors require regular maintenance and service to operate reliably. The importance of maintenance is especially emphasised in the monitoring of toxic, explosive, and asphyxiant gases.

What is done during a service visit?

During a maintenance call, the gas detection system is inspected and calibrated, and worn parts are replaced. As part of the complete system, the follow-up controls of the alarms are also investigated and, if possible, their functionality is tested. During the visit, the hazards and possible deficiencies in gas detection are mapped out and the findings are carefully reviewed with the customer. After the maintenance call, device-specific inspection reports are provided, and recommendations are given for possible update needs.

What is recommended to do between maintenance calls?

It is recommended to perform operational tests between maintenance calls 4–6 times a year, following manufacturer’s instructions. In operational testing, the responses of the gas detectors shall be checked with certified test gas. The concentration of the test gas must be known and when measuring flammable gases, it must not exceed 50% of the LEL value (LEL = Lower Explosive Limit).

Certified test gases can be purchased from Detector Ltd.

How is the maintenance frequency of the gas detection system determined?

The recommended maintenance frequency depends on the service life of the gas monitoring devices and their measuring elements. Typical lifetimes of gas detection controllers, gas detectors, and measuring elements are given in our brochures. The service life is affected by the types of equipment and the technology used, as well as the target gas.

The external conditions of the gas detection equipment must also be taken into account when planning the maintenance program. Factors that reduce the service life of a gas detection equipment are, e.g., exposure to the gas being measured, humidity, temperature, vibration, dust, chemical exposure, UV light, and interference conditions.

Where can I get service for my equipment?

By utilizing an extensive co-operative network, Detector Ltd’s maintenance services operate cost-effectively and with a fast service response time throughout Finland. Detector’s multi-brand maintenance service also offers expert service for gas monitoring equipment manufactured by other companies.

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