Gas detection – what, why and how?


Gases are present both in the air we breathe and in various facilities, such as power plants, painting shops, ships, research institutes and real estate, where various substances are used and handled. Typical gases to be monitored are, for example, nitrogen depleting oxygen, ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, biogas and various refrigerants.


Gases are controlled for a variety of reasons. Gas leakage is a risk to both the environment and people. The environment is protected, for example, from ammonia leaks and greenhouse gases. Persons must be protected in areas where there is a risk of exposure to oxygen-depleting or otherwise harmful gases. In areas where flammable gases are present, control of flammable gases is required to prevent explosions and disasters. Regulations by the Authorities may also require gas monitoring.

Controlling gases can bring economic benefits as well. Refrigerant control saves compressors, and in biogas plants production can be made more efficient by adjusting the production process based on gas analyzer measurements. In garages, paint shops and public places, it is possible to adjust the ventilation depending on the need.


Different instruments are used for gas monitoring. Technology used to measure depends on the gas being monitored. Fixed gas detectors are always installed in a room and can be connected to a larger gas monitoring system. A gas monitoring controller can be connected, for example, to a siren and a light to indicate a gas alarm or to a remote application to monitor the gas concentrations of the measuring points. Portable gas detector follows the employee and makes sure that the work is safe in spaces where oxygen monitoring is needed or in which it is possible to be exposed to health or life-threatening gases.

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