Gas detection of energy sources replacing natural gas – easily and effortlessly

The transition from fossil fuels to other alternatives has been topical from an environmental perspective for some time. The search for alternative fuels has become even more urgent due to the global political crisis. 

If your company uses natural gas, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), or biogas and you have gas monitoring devices installed, the switch to, for example, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or hydrogen monitoring is accomplished fairly easily and cost-effectively. 

Natural gas indicator

Are you considering replacing natural gas with LPG? 

Natural gas monitoring devices are installed at the top of the monitored space. When converting to LPG monitoring, the same gas detection devices can be used, but they must be installed in the lower part of the room and calibrated to measure LPG concentrations.  

If both natural gas and LPG are monitored in the same space, separate gas monitoring devices are required. Gas detectors measuring natural gas concentrations must be installed in the upper part of the space and detectors measuring LPG must be installed in the lower part of the space. 

Are you considering using hydrogen? 

Gas detectors that monitor natural gas can, generally, be converted to hydrogen monitoring as long as they are recalibrated. 

If the transition to renewable energy is relevant to you, contact our experts. Let’s make your premises environmentally friendly! 

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