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Seguro gas detection controller

Detector Ltd's new gas detection controller, Seguro, brings gas monitoring to a new level. Seguro provides the ability of remote monitoring, allowing monitoring to be performed regardless of time and place.

Safety and security

Seguro offers safety and security in gas monitoring.Up to 300 gas detectors can be connected to the controller. The performance of these can be monitored at any moment in real-time.


The Controller is modular and can be easily integrated into the desired operational environment.


Monitoring is easy. It is also possible to do by phone. On a clear and instructive touch screen, the detectors ar displayed on the floor plan of the property and their status is indicated by colour codes. The detector symbols on the map will change colour according to the gas hazards, thus giving immediate information or the current alarm situation. Real-time monitoring enables better predictability and accessa to spare parts. Trends and reports from the reliable and secure Seguro can be monitored over a long period of time.

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